A 16 year old boy presents to the clinic with vomiting for 5 hours.  He has vomited 2 times and a moderate amount in volume. The emesis is non-bilious and non-bloody and not forceful. He does not have any reported abdominal pain. He has voided 3 times today and has had one normal bowel movement. Earlier this morning he was playing football and was struck by another player. There was brief loss of consciousness. He sustained no obvious injuries. Physical Examination: He looks pale.  Abdomen is soft and flat. On auscultation, bowel sounds are normal. On palpation it is non-tender and there are no masses or organomegaly. The remainder of the physical examination is normal.

What is the most likely diagnosis?

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Dr. Karen Forbes

Dr. Karen Grewal


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Dr. Susan Bannister


Dr. Marc Zucker