AFMC - English

Welcome to the AFMC Opioid Response formative question set, developed by LearnFM/ApprenezMF ( and hosted on the Cards platform of the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary.

You will be asked questions about different patient scenarios and provided immediate feedback.  This Cards system keeps track of every question (or “card”) you attempt.  Once you’ve completed the full set of cards, the system will give you different versions of the same card – with a focus on ones you previously got incorrect.

While you are not required to create an account to use this system, we recommend it as otherwise the platform will start you at the very beginning each session.  By creating an account and logging in each time, the platform keeps track of your progress and performance, leading to a customized and far superior experience.  This data is not used by the University of Calgary to identify you in any way, unless your medical school has arranged for it to be made aware of your progress.  (In such a case, you will already have been told by your medical school about this arrangement.)  The University of Calgary does not otherwise analyze or use your data in connection with your identity.  It reviews card performance by users to identify problems or other issues related to card function and utilization.

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